Golf Is Open and Safe! Let’s Hit The Links!

“I have been a golf instructor for over 45 years; A full-time private instructor in the Santa Clarita Valley for the past 30 years. I have given over 75,000 private lessons to students ranging in age from 4 to 90 years of age. And love what I do! How can I help your game?”

Lee Breckenridge

Lee Breckenridge Private Golf Lessons in Santa Clarita

Meet Lee Breckenridge

Simply put, Lee Breckenridge is the strongest, most successful and sought-after golf instructor in Santa Clarita, Lancaster, Palmdale and all of northern L.A. County. For over 45 years Lee has been helping golfers of all ages – from kids to well-established professional golfers.

Golf lessons for seniors and students

Golf Lessons For Everyone

Lee Breckenridge’s golf training facilities include an indoor center with state of the art video and ball flight analysis, as well as an outdoor private range, putting green and sand trap area. Lee’s indoor lessons are never cancelled due to weather.

Golf Lessons for High School Students

Congratulations Melanie!!

Congratulations to 2LT Melanie De Leon from the All-Army Women’s Golf Team, for winning the 2017 United States Armed Services National Championship and winning the 2017 Armed Services World Championship! She is one of many who have earned golf scholarships after learning under Lee.

Beginner Golfer Lessons

Learn the proper technique from day one. Even if you’ve never picked up a club, Coach Lee will teach you to play golf the right way.

Golf Lessons For Kids

Lee welcomes all ages of students. Some as young as five years-old can learn the game of golf. He is also an expert for high-school age golfers.

Experienced Golf Lessons

If you have played for sometime, but just aren’t happy with your present game, Lee can identify real issues and help you make permanent improvements.

Low Handicappers

You want to get to the next level, but you’re not quite able to make that step happen. Lee can help by honing in on exactly what you need.


The weather may not always cooperate with your plans, but your golf game doesn’t have to suffer. Lee Breckenridge offers indoor private golf lessons, any day, any time. Improve your swing, game and skill. Don’t let the elements ruin your momentum.

Why Do You Need Private Golf Lessons?

Avoid Injuries! Improve Your Swing!

Golf injuries are very common, but they don’t need to be! Lee can show you the proper fundamentals that are important to help avoid injuries.

Getting Back Into the Swing?

It’s a perfect time to renew your love for golf. Even if it’s been years since your last swing, Lee offers indoor golf lessons for seniors to get back out there!

Private Short Game Lessons

Short game need some attention? Lee offers lessons on a completely private short game area. Improve your chipping, putting and bunker skills!


Golf Lessons for Kids and Juniors!

“Children can start taking golf lessons as early as five years-old. They have to be able to pay attention, and be willing to practice in between lessons. All kids are different and will be ready to do this at different ages, so a parent must be involved during the early years, and reinforce the drills with the child between lessons. I want your child to have fun but also keep getting better. My lessons are not babysitting! Kids learn very quickly when they want to! With my golf lessons for kids, your child will make steady progress, have fun, and learn discipline and work ethic. The lessons will focus on the swing and branch out to putting, chipping, pitching and all the other areas of golf including safety, etiquette and sportsmanship.”

All Ages, All Levels of Talent