Questions About Private Indoor Golf Lessons

Questions About Private Golf Lessons2021-02-07T12:24:38-08:00

Common Questions About Private Indoor Golf Lessons

You have questions, and Lee Breckenridge has answers. When it comes to indoor golf lessons, or private golf lessons in general you may have questions about price, availability the advantages or disadvantages. For that matter, why do you even need golf lessons? It’s simple: You go to a mechanic to fix your car. You go to a professional instructor to fix your swing. Here are some common questions about golf lessons. If you still have questions, Contact Lee Today!

Can I focus on a certain area of my game, like chipping?2021-02-07T11:05:47-08:00

Yes we can work on whatever you want, or need, to work on. Specifically for your short game, I have a private short game facility for focused attention on chipping, putting and sand obstacles.

Do you teach golf lessons for beginners?2021-02-07T11:05:28-08:00

Yes a large part of my business is beginning golfers and I really enjoy it. What better way to learn the game of golf, the right way, from the beginning!

How much to private golf lessons cost?2021-02-07T11:05:10-08:00

I honestly feel my rates are very fair and competitive. I offer a very high level of golf instruction at a very reasonable price. I invite you to check out my Lessons and Rates Page, but also, shop around and you’ll also agree that pricing is very fair compared to what others charge.

How often should I take private golf lessons?2021-02-07T11:04:39-08:00

Most of my students take lessons either weekly or every other week and less often later in the process. Every case is different, but I quickly assess your particular need so you know what to expect.

How do inside golf lessons work? I can’t see the flight of my ball2021-02-07T11:04:18-08:00

We hit into a net, then I have a large monitor where we can look at your swing on video. Plus I have a very high-tech ball flight information center that we can see on video. I spent 25 years on the range with no electronics, now I have that luxury. So I feel I bring the best of both worlds to you as your instructor.

Do you also offer outside golf lessons?2021-02-07T11:03:56-08:00

Yes, besides the indoor golf facility, I have an outdoor private range and short game facility plus I do on-course lessons.

Are golf lessons good for retired people?2021-02-07T11:03:37-08:00

Yes! Golf is a game for a lifetime. My oldest student is 88, I also have many students in their ’70s and ’80s because it is much safer than most sports as we get older.

I have been playing golf all my life. Can you fix my bad habits?2021-02-07T11:03:15-08:00

Yes! With repetition you can definitely change parts of your swing and get a better fundamental motion, even if you’ve been playing all of your life.

Is it okay to take golf lessons if I have had an injury?2021-02-07T11:02:53-08:00

Many people have prior golf-related injuries. Together we can figure what you can do safely. We will not be making any movement that you can not do comfortably. Furthermore I’m a big fan of listening to your doctor’s advice and forming a strategy that fits your needs, ability and limitations.

At What Age Should Kids Start Playing Golf?2021-02-07T11:02:19-08:00

I have students starting at five years-old, other kids may not be ready until they are seven or eight; It depends on how interested and how well they can pay attention. All kids are different and will be ready to do this at different ages, so a parent must be involved during the early years, and reinforce the drills with the child between lessons.

Are golf lessons risky right now with Covid-19?2021-02-07T11:01:55-08:00

Fortunately the game of golf is probably the most safest of any sport during this Pandemic. It’s the only sport that never was fully shut down by the health department. That being said, I personally take every precaution necessary to ensure both your safety and mine. I have only one student or family in the office at a time, I clean and sterilize after every lesson, take your temperature and we all where masks. I am 70 years-old and a recent cancer survivor, so I would not be teaching if I did not think it was safe. Your safety is my upmost concern.

What are the advantages of inside golf lessons?2021-02-07T11:01:34-08:00

The most obvious advantage to indoor private golf lessons is the fact that weather is NEVER a factor for inside golf lessons. Here in Santa Clarita we get a lot of unfriendly-for-golf weather; excessive heat, smokey air, high winds, pouring rain in the Winter. Your lesson will never get cancelled because of the weather. Private, indoor golf lessons also allow for a quiet, private environment, high-tech video analysis and ball flight information.

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