Golf Lessons in Santa Clarita – From Beginners to Pros

Lee’s golf training facilities include an indoor center with state of the art video and ball flight analysis, a putting green, Explanar Swing Training System and other devices. He also has an outdoor private range, putting green and sand trap area. Coach Lee’s indoor golf lessons are never cancelled because of weather. No matter how hot, how cold, wet or dry, Lee’s indoor center is always the perfect place to perfect your skill. His hours are extremely accommodating as well, so evening hours are always an option.

Beginner Golf Lessons

Beginner Golf Lessons

Learn to golf. Learn the proper form and technique from the start, and have a better form for life! Most people learn the game of golf from family and friends who are not trained professionally, so they develop a lifetime of bad habits. These habits can take the form of developed patterns that fail or even result in injury. If a player later decides to get proper help, we have to “undo” all of those bad habits. Learn to golf the proper, safe and professional way. Lee Breckenridge can mold your skill from the beginning. Learning as a beginner is a great investment in better golf for a lifetime.


Mid-Level Golf Lessons

Mid-Level Golf Lessons

If you have played for sometime, but just aren’t happy with your present game, Lee can identify real issues and help you make permanent improvements. Players who have played for some time become stuck. They try all kinds of quick fixes that never work. Many players become discouraged and do not believe they can get better. YOU CAN GET BETTER! Lee can identify the real issues in your swing and give you specific drills to develop better fundamentals. It does not mean you have to start over. Once you see progress you will be excited to work on your game.


Golf Lessons for Kids

Private golf lessons for kids

When should I start my child on golf lessons? When is a good age to start learning golf? These are common questions asked by parents all the time. Some children are ready at 5 years-old; others not until they’re much older. Lee Breckenridge is an expert on this very subject. Every kid is different, of course, but Lee has molded junior golfers from toddler age, through high-school and college. And he gets results! Lee is responsible for many college scholarships in recent years and has instructed people from 4 to 90 years-old. Contact Lee today to see if your child is ready to learn golf.


Injury Avoidance

Injury Avoidance Golf Lessons

Golf injuries are common but they don’t need to be! Proper fundaments are important for players of all ages to avoid injury. Young kids who are still growing can develop wrist, elbow, back and shoulder problems without proper technique. The average golfer is swinging much too hard! Proper fundamentals will allow you to swing with a smoother tempo. Adults and seniors can be putting serious strain on their back, neck and shoulders as well as the wrists and elbows. Golf can be played for a lifetime but becomes increasingly more difficult as we get older because of injuries.


Advanced Golf Lessons

Golf lessons for the experienced golfer

If you’re a low handicapper, but having trouble getting to the next level, Lee can take each part of your game and find the small issues that are holding you back. He will go over your round and find the mistakes you’re making. Low handicap players are very passionate about golf. They would do anything to improve but do not know what to do. The five major areas of golf are ball striking, short game, putting, course management and the mental game. Lee can find all the little mistakes you are making that are holding you back. Then you can make long term improvements!


Short Game Golf Lessons

Golf lessons for the short game

Chipping, Putting, Pitching? Bunker Play? No problem! Good golf habits and talent is more than just a good drive and fairway shot. In fact, an entire round can be ruined in the home stretch; the short game. Lee Breckenridge is an expert on fine-tuning that all-important last effort to reach the hole. Chipping, Pitching, Putting, Bunker Work – improve it all! Contact Lee today to schedule a time on his private short game area. No waiting, no gawking, just concentrated practice.


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Golf Lesson Rates – Indoor Private Golf Lessons

1/2 Hour Junior Lesson

  • For our “11 & Under” golfers. This package provides the perfect start – from the beginning – to learn the game of golf.
  • 11 years-old and under
  • Accurate and honest evaluation of your child to see if he/she is ready
  • Learn the right form from the start!
  • Perfect for after school activity
  • Kids learn the sport and discipline

1/2 Hour Lesson

  • Provides essential tools in a time-sensitive feature-packed session.
  • All ages 12 and up
  • Indoor Facillty
  • Ball Flight Analysis
  • Short Game Area
  • Outdoor Range Area
  • Sand Trap Training Area

1 Hour Lesson

  • Full hour of multi-level instruction
  • All ages above 12
  • Indoor Facillity
  • Ball Flight Analysis
  • Short Game Area
  • Outdoor Range Area
  • Sand Trap Training Area
  • On Course Lessons Available

Lee’s Indoor Facility

18909 Soledad Canyon Rd. Suite #C Canyon Country, CA 91351 (661) 298-5947 (Map it)

The Best Tools

explanarLee’s list of teaching tools includes the valuable “Explanar.” The Explanar is a training aid that puts your swing on the optimum plane so you hit the ball consistently straighter and further. It also develops your muscle memory of the optimum golf swing, helping you feel what it’s like to hit the perfect shot. For more information visit the Explanar website.

Golf Specific Trainer

Don FeldmanLee has teamed up with one of Los Angeles’ best trainers, who specifically aims at golf-related needs. Robert Feldman, CMP, LMP, specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy and provides valuable training for your muscles and body with a specific focus on what the golfer needs. NeuroMuscular Therapy – done fully clothed – gets your hard, spasmed, overly contracted muscles to relax. There are small feedback nerves located within the muscle spindle that communicate with the brain. The proper functioning of these little nerves is essential, as they monitor muscle tone throughout the body. For more information, please visit his website.

Time To Improve Your Golf Game!

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, Contact Lee today about private indoor golf lessons.