High Praise and Compliments for Coach Lee

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. While that may be true, a lot of words is even more powerful! Here is just a very small sample of some of the recent comments about Lee Breckenridge.

“I wanted you to know I played at Hanson Dam on Saturday and played as well tee to green as I have in many years.Your lesson made a very big difference.My ball striking was as good as I have ever hit the ball for 18 holes.Thank you so very much! After over 50 years of playing I am getting some advice that makes immediate sense and was usable on the course.”

– Bob Pace

“In a year and a half, my son who had no prior experience in playing golf made it to his high school golf junior varsity team, all because of Lee Breckenridge’s professional golf instructions. I totally recommend him to any parent who wants to invest in their children’s golf training. Thank you, Lee!”

– Yasmin Balatayo

“I used to play golf just for fun, until I took lessons from Lee. I have improved at least 10 strokes with his instruction. Fun has taken on a whole new meaning with the skills Lee has taught me.”

– Ed Hobelman, Paseo Club Junior Golf Manager

“Lee Breckenridge was instrumental in my acquisition of a scholarship to Dixie State University. Lee is more than just a golf instructor: he is father figure, mentor, and friend.”

– Shanna Adamiak, Santa Clarita

“Void of any prior athletic experience, I found it difficult to believe that I could ever achieve a handicap of 16. But with the regular instruction and confidence-building expertise of Lee Breckenridge, coupled with many hours of practice, my goal became a reality!!! Lee is truly an invaluable coach, personable, and dedicated to each individual’s achievement and successes. On a 1-10 scale, he certainly rates a 10+. I highly recommend Lee to anyone, no matter what playing level in golf.”

– Cecs Altobelli – Palmdale, CA, and Member of Rancho Vista and Vista Valencia Ladies Clubs

“My 12 year old son has been playing golf for years, but got serious a year ago when we met Lee. For the last 14 month now, we have seen such an amazing improvement with my son’s golf game during competitions. Lee has improved his golf swing, putting and most important, his attitude. I believe my son is on a great path for competitive golf in high school and college.”

– Gary Bedol, Santa Clarita

“Working with Lee throughout my high school years and into college resulted in rapid improvement and prepared my game for competition at the collegiate level. I would not have played at Columbia University or qualified for the U.S. Girls Junior or U.S. Women’s Amateur without him. Lee helped me develop a swing that was repetitive and efficient, and a game that was well-rounded and solid. He’s knowledgeable, patient, supportive, and dedicated to being a resource and positive presence in his students’ lives.”

– Stevy Loy, Valencia

“I’ve been coming to see Lee for lessons since approximately 2004. Of course when I came to see him I was around a 15 plus handicap. Well I am now in the very low single digits and I have been playing in a lot of City Amateur Tournaments and SCGA Tournaments, in the Championship Flights, (which you have to be a 3.5 or lower to play in), going on my 5th year. I even won my flight last year for the first time in a one day SCGA Tournament at Los Verdes in Palos Vedre. What I really like about Lee’s philosophy is it’s simply mechanics, turn back/load and turn through/release, with a little bit of movement. Give Lee sometime, you won’t regret it!”

– Tony Peters, Santa Clarita

“My 8 year old daughter has a passion for golf. She is out there 5 days a week practicing or playing a round. Since we were dedicating our time and money towards golf, we decided that a swing analysis coach would be a great investment. We wanted to make sure she had a strong foundation from the beginning. She looks forward to our weekly, early morning sessions with him. Coach Lee not only provides her with the groundwork for building a strong foundation, but he motivates and inspires her to be a better player. Her technique, skills, and overall game have improved tremendously. We spent the first two years of her golf “path” trying to finding the perfect golf class and private coach. I wish we would have met Coach Lee sooner. If you want to get a swing analysis or improve your game, Lee Breckenridge Golf is the place to go. As my daughter always says, “Coach Lee is the best coach ever!”

– April Faieta, Tujunga

“My daughter took up golf at the age of 11 and I did my homework trying to find a good instructor in the Santa Clarita area. The name that came up the most was Lee Breckenridge. And we’re certainly glad it did! Lee makes learning a difficult sport fun and that’s the key! Ten years later my daughter, Nikki Prichard, still loves the game and considers Lee one of her Coaches but more importantly, her friend. Thanks to Lee, Nikki excelled in the game and with Lee’s help, was awarded a full golf/scholastic scholarship to the University of Nevada-Reno. Lee has a passion for the game of golf and his teaching technique puts his students at ease. He’s a great golf instructor but even a better person!”

– Glenn Prichard, Santa Clarita

“Lee is one of a kind! Words cannot describe how much I appreciate him. He was my golf coach all through high school. I earned all four varsity letters in golf. Our team won the league championship two years in a row and I remember coming in first in one of those events. While attending Saugus High, I qualified for the United States Public Links tournament. Lee then helped me earn a full ride scholarship to California State University, Northridge. I then earned a psychology degree and could not have done it without Lee. He helped me both on and off the golf course, he kept me going when I was down, and supported me with all my endeavors.”

– Stephanie Aston, Santa Clarita

“I would like to start out by saying Lee is the best swing coach I could have ever asked for. Lee has contributed so much to my golf game and my life that I couldn’t exchange that for anything. Without Lee I would have never had the courage, confidence, or knowledge to earn a full ride golf scholarship, I am so grateful! As always, I am excited to see my progression with Lee in my future golf game, Lee and I work hard and diligently with my golf game to make sure my game is continually progressing. Lee’s hard work never goes unappreciated, thank you so much Lee!”

– Andrea Webster, Santa Clarita

“My 8 year old daughter has been seeing coach Lee for about a year now and I’m continually amazed at the progress she has made during that time. Coach Lee knows exactly what swing changes to make and when to make them. He takes it one step at a time with each movement building on the one prior. He makes the lesson fun and every week my daughter can’t wait to go see him. She feels like a star when she sees herself on video and it makes it that much easier to get her to work on the changes when she can see them visually. Many coaches (and dads–myself included) try to make too many changes at once which is very difficult for the little ones to grasp. Coach Lee’s philosophy of keeping it simple and mastering the fundamentals is perfect. He is extremely encouraging, positive, and knowledgeable about the game but the best part is that he increases the enjoyment my daughter gets from the game. For that reason alone I couldn’t be happier and can’t thank him enough.”

– John Faieta, Tujunga

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